Rehabilitation exercise specialist.
Specializing in spine, hip, core muscles strengthening, coordination and balance movement skills.
Injury prevention.

Diploma Of Exercise Science.
Master Trainer
* Rehabilitation
* Exercise Therapy specialist programming
* Strength &sports conditioning
* Nutrition

Qualifications obtained in UK and Australia.

  • 2015


    2015 February 07

    Biomechanics of movement.  Cervical spine injury, treatment and management
    Lithuania, Vilnius

  • 2007



    Practical seminar.
    The most effective training methods and technologies
    Lithuania, Kaunas

  • 2003

    Australian Sports University

    2001 - 2003

    Diploma of exercise science and fitness management
    Master Trainer*
    Exercise therapy*
    Sports Conditioning*
    Performance Nutrition*
    Fitness Business*
    Australia, Sydney.

  • 1999

    London. Sport Industry qualification

    1998 – 1999

    London Central YMCA Qualifications of sports*


Be healthy and strong!

Spine – it is body foundation responsible for a lot of aspects, which influence our health and life quality. Take care of your spine every day.

Nerijus Nausėda


Before and after pregnancy

When women train deep muscles regularly, they feel stronger after childbirth much quicker and feel pain in the back and suffer from depression less often.

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For athletes

Why do some players appear slow, but at a crucial point they move incredibly fast?

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Individual programmes, weight control

We offer individual physical fitness programmes with different types of training and pace.

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Specialised programmes for golf and tennis players

Core strengthening and conditioning – one of the main elements in training for golf and tennis players.

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Strenghtening of core muscles, spine rehabilitation

According to specialists, almost 80% of adults experience pain in their spine or live with it on a daily basis. 

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Individual session

  • Session for one person: 45eur
  • Session for two persons: 60eur
  • Session for three persons: 75eur
  • Session duration – 60min


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  • SEB Bank
  • Nerijus Nausėda


Erika Streižienė – midwife, gynecologist

I have been training for 7 years because of my spine pathology – deep hernia of disc in my waist. The only way to recover was to train deep muscles of spine and stomach. That’s why I was looking for sessions where static exercises are predominating, because they are strengthening all muscles of my body. I was not disappointed with these sessions.  Whole muscles of my body became stronger and firmer, especially stomach, legs and buttocks. Moreover, my cellulite had gone. 

Giedrė Žitkienė – marketing manager

These sessions were recommended by my spine doctor. He told me, it is the most effective way for me to exercise. I liked that session’s intensity and load is selected by my individual requirements. I am training for 2 years with pauses and I see the difference in my body. I don’t feel pain in my back as much as I did before. Moreover, I feel more lively and ready to work. I didn’t have a purpose to lose weight or to change my figure, but now I am happy having firm body and thinner waist. Nerijus is professional therapeutic exercise specialist and knows his job very well. 

Darius Valančius – head of the company

These sessions of core muscles were recommended by my wife. Earlier I was training with weights in a gym. After first session I was surprised. Training was different than I was thinking. I felt muscles, which I didn’t feel before, worked and hurt, even session’s load wasn’t challenging.

I have lost 12 kg without limiting my food ration. After deep core muscles trainings I feel more powerful than I was before. I don’t experience pain in my spine anymore, my joint became stronger and whole look is different now.  In my opinion, I won’t find more effective and interesting sessions.


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